Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks vs Truefire

3 of the biggest online guitar lesson websites/course put head to head against one another. Which one is best? Which one should you join? Jamplay, Guitar Tricks or Truefire?

Now there are some very, very in depth comparisons of these 3 different guitar education providers and wow do they get deep. So, here we thought we might simplify that process for you and give you a cut down version so you really can compare without reading a 30,000 word guitar phd thesis!

And of course this gives us chance to mention our own online guitar course called Guitar Teacher Pro. Unlike some other online lessons it’s super affordable, created by one professional guitarist, packed full of video lessons and resources AND there’s NO recurring fee – just one single, low payment! Click here to find out more – Online Guitar Lessons

Anyway, back to our review of the 3 courses.

Firstly, let me mention that as a guitarist I know you’re going to learn lots from any of the 3 courses, including our own. Each has plenty of information, knowledge and lessons. They all have the core similarities too, such as:

  • Plenty of video guitar lessons,
  • Structured layout
  • Multiple teachers
  • Beginner to advanced in most styles
  • Similar prices and trials

One thing that is missing is that none of these courses offer any classical or flamenco technique or tips. As a building block to many guitar styles and techniques it saddens me to say this. But that’s why we did include such knowledge in Guitar Teacher Pro.

Now for some individual differences between Jamplay, Guitar Tricks and Truefire.


Over 100 tutors so you get a wealth of knowledge.

Not great for beginners at all, so if you’re new this is not the place for you (try here instead).

Excellent for advance players and a cool lick n riff library that gives you something great to learn and play if you’re limited for time.

Unfortunately, some of their material overlaps slightly.

Not as many song tutorials as other courses.

$19.95 per month or $299.95 per year

Guitar Tricks

Great for beginners as it has a beginner module or core whereas the other 2 may be missing some lessons more suited to someone brand new to the guitar.

Probably the best resource for lessons on individual songs from well known artists and bands.

This may not be the best course if you’re more of an experienced player looking to advance your skills.

$19.95 per month


Absolutely loads of video lessons in this course – although some of them can be a bit short, so maybe that’s why it feels like there’s so many.

Really god for all levels, as they not only have a beginner section but also plenty for intermediate to advanced players.

Sadly there are no song tutorials but you’re not going to be lost for things to learn.

$29 monthlos or $2499 lifetime access – not for the feint-hearted!


As with life there’s psotives and negatives to everything and there is NO guitar Eutopia when it comes to online lessons and learning. So whether it be Jamplay, Guitar Tricks or Truefire there will be pros and cons to all – BUT in reality the only downside for you is going to be not practising.

When you take online or face-to-face lessons you must be prepared to work and practice every day. There’s no magic button that will make one course far better than another and there’s no short cut to guitar success. 

So, grab a course, dive in and be prepared to put in the hours of work.

Take a look at our recommended Jamplay, Guitar Tricks, Truefire alternative here <<<< Click