Guitar Lessons in Stafford and What You Should Know

Guitar Lessons in Stafford

If you’re looking for guitar lessons in Stafford then this is the place to be.

We’ve got some outstanding advice from professional musicians and guitarists that allow us to provide you with the best information you need.

If you’re based in Stafford or simply looking for guitar lessons in Stafford then read on.

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So you have your guitar, your tuner, maybe even a music stand, and you’re ready to go. No doubt you’ve looked online or followed a tutor book with some success but you feel now is the time to find an experienced guitar player to guide you on your journey to musical success.

Well congratulations because following the guidance from a true professional will drastically cut down on your learning time and help you avoid errors that so many people make early on in their guitar playing experience.

Many of these simple mistakes can take months or even years to undo, so its best you avoid them all together if you can.

Let’s remember The one disadvantage to taking lessons and that’s that they can be expensive.

Far more expensive than watching YouTube videos or grabbing a book for less than £10. However if you find a good teacher the investment is absolutely worth it.

Finding a good teacher

Finding a good teacher or more importantly the right teacher for you can sometimes be a bit of a lottery or at least looking at a needle in a haystack. There are so many guitar teachers around and several to choose from in Stafford alone.

As a word of warning there are a few that you should avoid but of course we’re not going to name any names!

The first step to finding the right fit would be going on a personal recommendation. So, if you know someone that’s already having lessons it would be an idea to speak to them see how they’re getting on and ask if they would recommend the current teacher that they’re with.

Another option it a look at what style of guitar you would like to play and this might help you narrow down which teacher the best for you. For example, if you like to learn classical guitar it’s probably not the best idea to hire are down and dirty blues guitarist longing to spend their days rocking on a porch in Mississippi! All joking aside a finding a teacher that matches your style of guitar you wish to pursue is imperative.

Now it’s not always necessary to find someone with lots of qualifications, but it will be to your advantage to find someone that has lots of experience. A good teacher has often spent years crafting their skill and is able to put over information to the students in a clear, precise and understandable fashion so students like yourself can progress quickly.

Pricing problems

As we said earlier sometimes lessons can be expensive. Of course, you want to pay what you can afford however this doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea to choose the cheapest teacher.

Personally, I would stay away from anyone looking to charge £5 per lesson for example.

Any professional musician knows that when a teacher is charging £5 per lesson they’re simply not a professional teacher and certainly not full time.

Maybe look for someone who is part of a union and charges union rates. That should help guide you towards a professional guitar teacher that is is not only committed but also experienced.

Excellent alternatives

One way you can get the benefit of a professional, experienced guitarist that won’t cost you the earth, where you can learn at your own pace, at any time is to take a look at digital lessons.

With the advancements in technology digital, video and online lessons are far better than what they were even compared to 5 years ago.

You can save yourself a fortune in lessons and gain first class knowledge from world class teachers and guitarists, without breaking the bank. This can solve many challenges with music lessons and one guitarist and a course we recommend can be found here.

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