The 2-Eight Weight Loss Plan

The 2-Eight Weight Loss Plan

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Lose Weight In 28 Days!

Dropping the pounds no longer has to be a chore, involve days of weird soups nor does it have to be tasteless and dull.

It should be of no surprise that with everything we now know about food, macros and modern day cooking techniques; healthy eating solutions can now be tasty, satisfying and nutritious - all whilst helping you look after your mind and body.

It's now possible to lose up to a stone in as little as 4 weeks - without having a negative impact on your body or your lifestyle!

The 2-Eight Healthy Eating Plan now available at SimplyDolce guides you through everything you need during 4 complete weeks of rapid weight loss.

This product provides everything you need for every meal over 4 weeks. So now you will know exactly what to eat for 3 delicious meals a day including drinks and snacks.

This makes weight loss so clear and concise that all you have to do is follow each meal and watch as you lose weight. 

The plan also introduces you to the concepts of healthy eating, research currently being undertaken into the human brain and its relation to food, right through to actual recipes that are filling and delicious.

To clear any confusion or stress:

  • Full shopping lists are provided so those trips to the supermarket are clear, concise and hassle-free.
  • You will be provided with exactly what you need to get for every single day of every week. 
  • You'll have all you need in your fridge and cupboards, resulting in health and fast weight loss. 
  • Over 65 pages of tips, recipes and research.
  • The full 4 week plan of weight loss success.

Once your shopping is complete all you need to do is follow the daily plan and reap the benefits that the 2-Eight Healthy Eating Plan provides.

You can gain instant access to the plan as soon as you make your purchase. The plan is available as a 68-page eBook that is emailed to you and shown on a download page the second you make your purchase.

This means you can start the health eating plan right away, or whenever you're ready.

Enjoy our 100% money back guarantee should you not be satisfied with any element of your purchase.