How To Play A D Chord On Guitar

Yes, a chord that isn't a stretch! But the D chord can be a bit fiddly and twisty.

That's because this major chord involves 3 fingers, quite close together, on 3 strings next to each other, but across 2 frets. It can end up being a bit of a finger twister so it's important to get this sorted early.

One of my best tips is to being placing the chord on with the same finger first every time. It doesn't really matter which finger you choose, on your fretting hand, but just make sure that you being with the same finger every time.

With practice you'll be able to get all of your fingers down at the same time, but for now build the D chord one finger at a time.

Here's the chord diagram:

As you can see it's not a big stretchy chord but you've gotta weave those fingers in carefully. Remember to keep your fingers nicely arched and only strum 4 strings. Try to avoid playing string 6 and 5.

Happy strumming and if you're looking to learn more then take a look at Guitar Teacher Pro - Online Guitar Lessons