Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners UK

If you want to get straight to online guitar lessons for beginners in the UK then simply follow this link – Here

At we’re extremely lucky to have a UK based guitarist, performer and teacher producing an incredible online guitar course that will guide a beginner from the very start to enjoying the guitar as a confident musician.

Course author Rich Rowley has taught over 2000 people to play the guitar and these students range from 6 – 70 years old, complete beginners to semi-professional players.

All of this knowledge and experience has been ploughed into the course, Guitar Teacher Pro.

One note to make is that this course is actually growing and expanding, as Rich is continually filming and adding to the course. This means any students of the online course will get a continuous education second to none.

Fortunately for everyone the course is incredibly well priced. So not only do you get the course at a fraction of what it would cost in a face-to-face format but it’s also extremely competitive compared to other online course. This is down to a few factors, one being that Rich films and edits everything himself. So, there’s no expense of film crews or expensive editors. This allows Guitar Teacher Pro to be fully controlled and head in the right direction for Rich and students, whilst remaining affordable.

If you take a look around this website you’ll see some other great guitar products, mainly eBooks. These also come from the online guitar lessons author and lots of that information is included in the online guitar course.

With Rich Rowley having trained as a classical guitarist at one of the UK’s finest music colleges he has the knowledge and technique to master and teach all styles of guitar. An outstanding acoustic and rock player, you will see this demonstrated in the videos, so whatever style of guitar you’re wanting to learn the online guitar course makes this possible and of course you never need to leave your home!

On a serious note, not leaving your home is something we’ve all needed to think about in recent times. From lockdowns to self-isolation to who knows what the future holds, Guitar Teacher Pro is an excellent and safe solution – you can learn anytime whilst staying safe at home.

There is the option to have these guitar lessons delivered to your door on a fully loaded USB stick. It arrives in a smart, branded USB box and you simply need to plug it into your device, be it computer, laptop or TV and access the lessons from there.

However, most people choose the instant access option. By selecting this you get emailed an access code immediately upon purchase and this allows you to get to all of the videos right away from any device. You can then choose to download and store everything yourself or keep it in our storage area and just access it whenever you wish. Either way we know you’re going to love it.

What if you need some personal help? No problem. You get Rich’s email address and if you require any help with the online lessons at all, then just drop him a message and he’ll be guitar ready with solutions and advice for anyone.

Take a look at the Online Guitar Lessons by clicking here.