How To Play An A Chord On Guitar

A chord or A major is made up the notes A, C# and E and as with all chords on the guitar there's a multitude of ways to play and combine those three notes.

For beginners there is one shape that is super easy and sounds great with very little practice.

Often referred to as the Boy Scout chord because it requires 3 fingers in the fretting hand much like the good old boy scout salute.


Take a look at the diagram below for this simple shape.

It's common to use fingers 1, 2 and 3 in a row. However don't expect to get them all parallel and right next to fret 2 as in the diagram above. You'll have to fit them in a bit of a diagonal angle and this is fine, providing you keep them all in fret 2 and with enough pressure to ensure there's no buzzing.

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