How To Play A G Chord On The Guitar

There are many different ways to play a G chord on the guitar. It's a major chord made up of G,B and D notes. There are a whole host of positions on the guitar fretboard that will allow you to combine those 3 notes, but of course there are chord shapes and note combinations that may 'voice' together more effectively than others.

There are also certain shapes that work better for technical reasons.

One of the most popular way to play a G chord or G major is with the open chord shape. This is often called an open chord as there are several strings you don't have to hold down or 'fret' so they are left 'open'.

Below is a chord diagram of this shape that will work perfectly for most guitarists.

It's a great place to start, just remember to make sure your fret hand fingers arch nicely over the strings they're not supposed to touch (ie: strings 2,3,4). And keep the fingers that are fretting a note as close to the frets as possible. This should help to get a nice clean sound. 

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Fret hand fingers are numbered from 1-4. Your index finger is number 1, middle finger number 2, ring finger number 3 and little pinky is number 4.

Happy playing and keep practising! Remember practice makes permamnent!

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